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Impact of Brexit - on the City's Wholesale Food Markets

Repor of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operations.


Members received a report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operations, which provided an update on the potential impact of Brexit on the City’s wholesale food markets.  The Chairman referred to the City Corporation’s contingency planning for Brexit, as a whole, and advised Members that he had raised a question at the Finance Committee, in respect of a joined up approach, which would not favour one area of the Corporation’s business over another.  Members noted that Billingsgate had been particularly successful in securing EU Grants, but whilst there had been a promise of existing agricultural funding being maintained, this might be affected post Brexit. Additionally, there were some concerns at Spitalfields about the availability of fruit pickers but no specific staff concerns at the other markets. Whilst Brexit was a trader, rather than a City Corporation risk, Members accepted that if traders left or could not pay rent, then it would be.  Furthermore, Members noted that negotiations in respect of the consolidation project included the efficient flow of goods from the continent.  In respect of the volume of meat products imported to Smithfield, Members noted this was 50% and not 80%, as stated in the report.  The City Corporation had written to the Tenant Associations 14 days ago, offering support, but as yet there had been no responses.


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.


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