Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the committee


Extension to the DLR

A Member referred to recent news in the press regarding proposals to extend the DLR from Thames Gateway to Euston and the City Corporation’s support for this. She stated that, if these works were to progress, it would hopefully also allow for the extension of Tower Hill Station. She recognised that, whilst this was out of the City’s jurisdiction, it was a station frequented by a large number of City workers. She questioned whether further details on the proposals would be brought to the Planning and Transportation Committee in due course.


Officers reported that the City Corporation had discussed proposals around an extension to the DLR on a confidential basis at this stage and had taken no formal view on the matter. Members were assured that a report on the matter would be brought to the Planning and Transportation Committee in due course if appropriate.


Cameras on the City Bridges

A Member questioned whether this Committee or the Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee were responsible for the potential provision of cameras on the City Bridges – a matter which she had raised consistently in recent months. She went on to refer to the problem of suicide/attempted suicide on the bridges. She recognised that signs placed on the bridges directing people to where they might get help and work undertaken by the City’s licensing team with premises on and around the bridges had gone some way to addressing the problem but stated that more needed to be done.


Officers undertook to report back to the Committee on this matter.


At this point, the Chairman sought approval from the Committee to continue the meeting beyond two hours from the appointed time for the start of the meeting, in accordance with Standing Order 40, and this was agreed.


Electric Vehicle Charging

A Member questioned whether there were any specific plans for electric vehicle charging points in the Wards of Aldgate, Portsoken and Tower.


The Group Manager, Strategic Transportation, reported that it was intended that an Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan would be in place by the end of 2019 to sit within the wider Transport Strategy. This would be the subject of a future report to this Committee.


Planning Policy

A Member reported that he had received correspondence from his constituents expressing concern at the application of planning policy and how this appeared to be applied inconsistently. He referred to the fact that the Barbican had been informed that they would require planning permission for storage for residents’ packages whilst the nearby City of London School for Girls had rented their sports facilities externally without requiring such permission.


The Chief Planning Officer and Development Director undertook to report back to the Member on this matter but stated that she believed that this related to a condition originally attached to the Barbican. She took on board the wider point made around confusion about planning policy terms.


Brexit Updates

The Chairman questioned why a Brexit Update report had not featured on today’s agenda given that there had been a corporate decision to include such reports at every meeting of all grand Committees.


The Director of the Built Environment reported that the position for her Department had not changed since the last report to this Committee regarding Brexit. A report would be submitted to the next meeting of Planning and Transportation Committee.