Agenda item


To elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order 30.


The Town Clerk reported that, in accordance with Standing Order No. 30. (3) (a), the immediate past Chairman had chosen to exercise his right to serve as Deputy Chairman for the ensuing year.


Christopher Hayward was therefore duly appointed as Deputy Chairman for the ensuing year.


The Chairman took the opportunity to give thanks to those Members who had now left the Committee – Alderman Nicholas Lyons, Alderman Gregory Jones, Graeme Smith and Stuart Fraser. He went on to welcome those Members who were newly appointed to the Committee – Alderman Emma Edhem, Alderman Robert Hughes-Penney, Sophie Fernandes (returning after a year’s absence), and Karina Dostlova.


The Chairman also took the opportunity to thank Members for electing him to the position which he referred to as an honour and a privilege. He added that he was looking forward to working with stakeholders in the property and transport industries, and colleagues across London to ensure the City remains a vibrant destination to live, work and visit. The Chairman also invited all Members of the Planning and Transportation Committee to meet with him individually to share their views in the coming weeks to help ensure that the Committee continued to reach the right decisions and a sensible consensus.