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IT Division - IT Disaster Recovery Summary

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Sub-Committee received a report of the Chamberlain on the IT Division – IT Disaster Recovery.  There was a discussion on widening the Disaster Recovery processes to address business continuity issues. The wider test is planned for once the transformation programme is completed. A Member enquired when the next Disaster Recovery test is planned and why the annual test was missed. Officers explained that it was unfortunate that the annual test was missed, due to technical issues but every effort is being made to address this for as soon as possible. A member also requested that the Deputy IT Director consider how we can simulate a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity exercise with a Denial of Service Scenario. This will be reported back at the next DSSC.


Members asked for a future report on the Disaster Recovery test. 


RESOLVED – That the Sub-Committee notes the report and another report provided to a future committee meeting.


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