Agenda item

Air Quality Strategy 2019-24

Report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection presenting an Air Quality Strategy for 2019-24.


Following a presentation, which highlighted the key elements of the strategy, the following points were raised during discussion:

  • Members referenced previous discussions concerning the creation of consolidation centres for deliveries within the City, together with the implementation of time restrictions on delivery vehicles. It was noted that these proposals would have a significant positive impact on air quality within the City, as well as traffic flow, with Members expressing a desire for progress to be made as expeditiously as possible on this matter. The Director of the Built Environment was asked to produce an update report accordingly.
  • The issue of air quality inside of buildings was raised, with a Member highlighting the activity being undertaken by the Property Investment Board in respect of the City Corporation’s own buildings in relation to both monitoring and improvements. Officers confirmed that work was underway in this area but advised that this was a non-statutory activity and hence was not detailed within the Strategy, which was required to focus on functions within the City’s statutory remit.
  • The importance of working with London Boroughs was noted, with it confirmed that the City worked closely with authorities across the capital and was hosting a pan-London best practice event later that month.
  • In relation to concerns around the use of private generators, officers advised that one of the constituent elements of the Private Members’ Bill being progressed through Parliament was an aim to achieve regulatory powers in this area to allow action to be taken.


RESOLVED: That the content of the Air Quality Strategy 2019 – 2024 be approved for publication.


Supporting documents: