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Implementing the Application Management Strategy - the Application Road map

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Committee received the report of the Chamberlain on the Implementing the Application Management Strategy – the Application Roadmap. The Committee were informed that theChamberlain have developed a high-level Application Roadmap.


Members were further informed that the City of London along with other stakeholders manages around 300 Applications.  The Chamberlain’s department is ensuring that all the Applications are supported, updated and if not in use ensuring a smooth retirement of the Applications. The full road map will be presented at a future meeting.


A Member asked if there are any ways of monitoring the usage of the Applications. The Committee was told as part of application management process, all the Applications usages are monitored thus as a result, if an Applications are not in use for 90 days the Application would become ineffective in the installed devices.


There was also a mention that a discussion around the future of Oracle version 12.1 needs to take place.  Officers agreed that this will be addressed in the future too.


RESOLVED: That Members are asked to note the report.


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