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Report of the Commissioner, City of London Police.


 Members received a report of the Commissioner, City of London Police, in respect of Operational Luscombe, a partnership approach to the issue of begging in the City of London, which has been running since May 2018, and was developed by the Community Policing Team.  Members noted that a review was commissioned earlier in the year and this report set out its findings, particularly the headline of a decrease of just under  50% for reports of begging since its inception.  Whilst some members of the public still gave change, there was evidence that the alternative giving message had been effective. 


Members were very pleased to note that Luscombe was due to be rolled out to 12 other forces and had been recognised as a National Standard, developed by the City of London Police.  Furthermore, schemes were emerging to ensure its longevity and funding plans were emerging.  Members noted that the CoLP met the cost of the hub, with partners meeting their own costs.  The officer advised that a dedicated Senior Community Policing team had been engaged and they were in discussion with the relevant agencies.  There was also a human trafficking and modern slavery lead within the City Police.


The officer advised that green tickets were issued as close to hub meetings as possible, given that many beggars led chaotic lives and were more likely to attend at short notice.  There were currently enhanced patrols in Cheapside, given the extra seasonal activity, in addition to the transport hubs and during the peak hours of the night-time economy. 


Members asked if the British Transport Police could provide an update on their engagement and strategy.  The CoLP officers advised that they met weekly with the Commander of the BTP at Liverpool Street for updates on tickets issued, to ensure there was no duplication.  The CoLP officer agreed to raise this at their next meeting and offered to provide Members with dates of Court Hearings, when possible.


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted. 

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