Agenda item

Grants of £250,000 or Above for Approval

Report of the CGO


The Committee considered a report of the CGO advising Members of funds recommended for approval for amounts of £250,000 or above. The CGO introduced each application to Members and outlined the proposals.


The CGO advised that officers wished to undertake further review of the application in respect of Sported Foundation. The Committee agreed to defer consideration of the application and agreed that the application could be considered under the Committee’s delegated authority procedures.


Members of the Committee praised the high standard of applications and quality and variety of work going on, commending CBT and the organisations involved.


In response to a question from a Member, the CGO confirmed that CBT would be working in partnership with Trust for London on the Strengthening Voices, Realising Rights programme and would be closely involved with the work.


RESOLVED – That the City Bridge Trust Committee receive the report and approve the recommended amounts for the following applications:


15. Habinteg Housing Association Ltd


APPROVED £332,000 over three years (£121,000; £105,000; £106,00) for the costs of a programme to train, mentor and support disabled young Londoners to develop a career in inclusive design related work.


16. Sported Foundation


DEFERRED – To be considered under the Committee’s delegated authority procedures.


17. Wheels for Wellbeing


APPROVED £288,400 over 5 years (£58,320; £59,640; £55,100; £59,480; £55,860) towards the provision of fully accessible inclusive cycling opportunities in Lewisham, Croydon and Lambeth.


18. Bede House Association


APPROVED £260,000 over 5 years (£50,000, £51,000, £52,000, £53,000, £54,000) for the salary of the Starfish Domestic Violence Project Manager plus on-costs. The grant in years two to five is subject to the necessary balance in project costs being raised.


19. SignHealth


APPROVED £260,000 over 5 years (£50,000; £51,000; £52,000; £53,000; £54,000) towards the full-time salary of a Children and Families Support Worker, plus associated running costs, for a specialist service supporting Deaf women and their children who are escaping domestic abuse to rebuild their lives with increased resilience, independence and wellbeing.


20. Young Roots


APPROVED £288,500 over five years (£53,500; £58,000; £60,000; £61,500) for 1 FTE Corydon Caseworker along with support and on-costs associated with the service for young refugees and asylum seekers.


21. Waltham Forest Churches Night Shelter Ltd (WFCNS)


APPROVED £296,000 over five years (£58,550; £57,800; £58,800; £59,850; £61,000) for the salary and on-costs of employing a Full Time (35 hpw) CBT Therapist and associated project costs, with a contribution to core costs.


22. London Funders


APPROVED £300,000 over three years (3 x £100,000 towards the further development of the London’s Giving movement.


23. Strengthening Voices, Realising Rights, Phase 2 – a joint initiative with Trust for London


APPROVED a grant of £400,000 over three years to Trust for London to establish a joint fund for Phase 2 of the Strengthening Voices, Realising Rights initiative to support work that tackles some of the root causes of poverty and disadvantage amongst Deaf and Disabled Londoners.

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