Agenda item

May 2020 Fairground proposal

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces on a proposal for a Fairground event to be held in May of 2020.


The Director of Open Spaces introduced the report and outlined the context of increasing budgetary pressure on the management of West Ham Park which would require additional sources of funding to be explored. In addition, it was explained that the cost breakdown in the report had been benchmarked against similar events held at other open spaces in the locality and that, dependent on the success of the Fairground event, similar events would be considered for the Park. In response to a comment from a member of the Committee it was agreed that income from these events should be maximised from holding these events with consideration made to standard market rate and competition from other open spaces in the locality. Further to this the Committee were informed that the Manager of West Ham Park sits on the London Parks Benchmarking Group.


Replying to a query from a member of the Committee the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that appropriate mitigation measures were in place to limit environmental impact and cancel the event if the weather conditions mean that the impact on the Park would be too high.


In response to a query from a member of the Committee the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that the event was considered legally compliant with the 1874 Conveyance regarding the usage of West Ham Park.


The Committee requested that a report be produced to assess impact of the event and to detail any key lessons learnt. Further to this Members requested that consideration be given to providing healthy food options at the event noting the issues of obesity apparent in the Borough of Newham.



  1. That a 4-day fairground event in May 2020 at a fee of £4,300 + VAT be approved; and
  2. That the Superintendent be authorised to complete final negotiations and agreement of contractual terms; and
  3. That the Comptroller & City Solicitor be authorised to enter into the necessary licence; and
  4. The request to allow caravans to be situated on site as overnight accommodation and security be refused.


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