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Safer City Partnership Strategy Group

Purpose of committee

The City of London continues to enjoy a low level of crime. This is largely due to the partnership working which has taken place in the City over many years. The Safer City Partnership Plan outlines the areas of work upon which we w?ill focus in the coming one to three years to achieve our aims.

The Safer City Partnership involves representation from the following partners: 

  • Her Majesty's Court and Tribunals Services
  • The City of London Corporation
  • The City of London Police
  • NHS City and Hackney
  • London Probation Trust
  • British Transport Police
  • London Fire Brigade
  • City of London Crime Prevention Association
  • British Bankers Association
  • Transport for London



  • Douglas Barrow  (Chairman) 
  • Peter Lisley  (Deputy Chairman) 
  • Shanice Adams   
  • Stuart Webber   
  • William Jordan   
  • David Maher   
  • Graham Littlewood   
  • Jon Averns   
  • Bob Benton   
  • Andrew Carter   
  • Paul Szemerej   
  • Linda Neimantas   
  • Paul Haigh   
  • Don Randall   
  • Peter Gerard Dunphy   
  • Mark Scott   
  • Eric Beckford   
  • Tijs Broeke   
  • Jim Flin   
  • Tim Wiseman   
  • Alex Wrigley   

Contact information

Support officer: Chris Rumbles 020 7332 1405. Email:



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