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Livery Committee

Purpose of committee

The Livery Committee assists Livery Companies in their support of the Mayoralty and the City of London Corporation.  It is aimed at creating awareness amongst Liverymen and the general public of the work of the Livery Companies.  It undertakes such tasks which are intended to be in the best interests of the general body of the Livery. The Committee also oversees the arrangements for Common Hall each year (the Election of Sheriffs and the Election of Lord Mayor).


The Committee also oversees the running of a series of courses administered by the City of London Corporation. These courses are designed to enable liverymen to learn more about how the City of London Corporation works and the range of its activities. More information regarding these courses can be found at the following website:


For more information about the livery movement, please visit the following page:


Contact information

Support officer: Gregory Moore
tel. no.: 020 7332 1399. Email:

Postal address:
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270

Phone: 020 7332 1399



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