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Monday, 3rd December, 2018 6.30 pm, Barbican Estate Residents Consultation Committee

Venue:   Committee Rooms, 2nd Floor, West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    Julie Mayer 020 7332 1410

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
COL - Events Council Staff Expected
Gordon Griffiths - Bunyan Court Committee Member Present
Jane Smith - Barbican Association Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
John Taysum - Bryer Court Committee Member Apologies
Janet Wells - John Trundle House Committee Member Present
Helen Davinson Officer In attendance
Michael Bennett Officer In attendance
Anne Mason Officer In attendance
Julie Mayer Secretary In attendance
John Tomlinson, Deputy Committee Member Present
Graham Wallace - Andrewes House Deputy Chairman Present
Mary Bonar - Wallside Committee Member Absent
Fred Rodgers - Breton House Committee Member Apologies
David Andrew Graves (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Michael Bradley Officer Expected
Christopher Makin - Speed House Chairman Present
Sandy Wilson - Shakespeare Tower Committee Member Present
Jim Davies - Mountjoy House Deputy Chairman Apologies
Professor Michael Swash - Willoughby House Committee Member Present
David Lawrence - Lauderdale Tower Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Mark Bostock Committee Member Apologies
Heather Hawker - Speed House Committee Member Present
Vivian Fowle - Gilbert House Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
James Wilson Undy - Gilbert House Committee Member Present
Mark Jarvis Officer In attendance
Adam Hogg - Andrewes House Committee Member Present
Jane Samsworth - Defoe House Committee Member Present
Fiona Lean - Ben Jonson House Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Barry Ashton Officer In attendance
Mike Saunders Officer In attendance


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