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Meetings, agendas and minutes

In this section you can access a wide range of information and documents relating to the City of London Corporation's decision-making processes, find out about forthcoming meetings and decisions and obtain details for your local elected representatives (Members).

The City of London Corporation decision-making arrangements operate on a committee-based system whereby elected Members are appointed annually to serve on the City Corporation's many Committees and Sub Committees. These bodies, the principal governing body being the Court of Common Council, meet regularly throughout the year.

Meetings of the Court of Common Council, its Committee and Sub Committees are open to the press and public under s. 100A of the Local Government Act 1972. Meetings of the Court of Common Council, its Committees and Sub Committees may be recorded through any audio, visual or written methods provided this does not disturb the conduct of the meeting. In accordance with the City Corporation's Protocol on the filming/recording of meetings, people need to be informed at the start of the meeting if filming/recording is to take place. Members of the public who speak at a meeting have the option to opt-out of being filmed. All those wishing to record a meeting through any method are asked to contact the City of London Corporation's Public Relations Office in advance for assistance. Tel: 020 7606 3030 / Email:

Committee meeting information

You can browse meetings, including dates of upcoming decision making meetings and past agendas, reports and minutes at Court of Common Council and formal decision making meetings.

To view documents in pdf format you will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Elected representatives

Details of the City of London Corporation's MPs, MEPs and Members.

Outside bodies

Contact details for the City of London Corporation's representatives on outside bodies and forums that are independent from the Corporation.

How to get involved

It is also possible to subscribe to updates in order to receive information via email regarding particular issues and Committee meetings.

Please note that the committee reports are not accessible , please contact Lorraine Brook, Committee and Member Services Manager, on or 020 7332 1409 for alternative versions.


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