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Apologies were received from Anne Fairweather and Ruby Sayed.

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Declarations by Members of Any Personal and Prejudicial Interests in Respect of Items on This Agenda


There were none.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 100 KB

To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2018.

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RESOLVED, that the minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2018 be approved.

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Tree Pests and Diseases: Oak Processionary Moth Urgent Update pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.

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Members noted a report of the Director of Open Spaces regarding tree pests and diseases providing an urgent update on Oak Processionary Moth (OPM). The following comments were made:


·         The Director of Open Spaces stated that the report went to the Open Spaces & City Gardens in December to approve the submission of a bid for additional resources to the Resource Allocation Sub Committee for future financial years from 2019/20, highlighting OPM as a new and significant resource demand in the medium-term financial planning process which was approved.


·         The report has gone as an update to all Open Spaces Committees as the spread of OPM now reaches all of the Corporation’s Open Spaces and is recorded in all 32 London Boroughs and the City of London.


·         Members were advised that the disease was a significant public health risk and the focus for controlling the pest was to protect public car parks, children’s parks, paths and sports areas where members of the public were most at risk. An education programme is also in development to educate the public on OPM and what to do should they encounter it.


·         Members were advised that Hampstead Heath was the longest affected space with OPM first identified in 2015. Based on the experience at Hampstead Heath, it was predicted that the number of nests in the other Open Spaces would increase dramatically in 2019 including Queen’s Park; however, it was noted that Queen’s Park only had a small number of oak trees.


·         Treatment includes zoning targeted high-risk areas, the spraying of trees and nest removal, along with significant forest research in conjunction with the Forestry Commission.


·         It was agreed with the Forestry Commission that Hampstead Heath would be used as a pilot site to tackle OPM. This pilot scheme would assist with the development of a

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Superintendent's Update - Queen's Park pdf icon PDF 188 KB

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.

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Members considered an update report of the Superintendent and the following points were made:


Operational Management


·         It was noted that the Team were recruiting for two vacant roles: a Team Leader and an Animal Keeper & Engagement Assistant.


·         The Committee congratulated and thanked Laura _ for her hard work on the redevelopment of the Children’s Farm which Members viewed during the walk.


·         In response to a query regarding the current audit of trees and whether there was a tree policy in place, Members were advised that locally there was no formal strategy for trees but there was an informal arrangement regarding the replacement of trees on an individual basis plus an overarching tree policy across the Corporation’s Open Spaces.  


·         It was noted that a walk through of the plans for the Woodland Walk was discussed during the walk prior to the meeting and the feedback and ideas given by Members would guide the consultants going forward. A work programme would follow including details of the two capital project elements: fencing and the boardwalk.


·         A Member urged caution when taking down things that already exist and opening up areas, noting that the English hedgerow available was great for birds. The Superintendent stated that balance and impact would be carefully considered.


·         A Member noted the suggestion to remove the entrance gate and argued that the gate gave that space sanctuary and a secret garden feel. It was noted that two areas would be separated in theory but still joined.


·         Members liked the idea to include the unused edge of the golf course in this space.    


·         Members were unsure whether the suggested pond was necessary due to the small size of the park.


·         The Town Clerk agreed to circulate a pdf of the Woodland Walk plans to the Group.


·         The Superintendent advised that revised

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Appendix 1 - Divisional Plan 2019-22 pdf icon PDF 839 KB


Members noted the Hampstead Heath Divisional Plan for 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22.


It was noted that a page was missing from the Divisional Plan which was circulated to the Group.


Members were advised that the three-year Divisional Plan 2019-2022 had been reformatted to reflect the outcomes in the Management Strategy and was approved by the HHHWQQP Committee at its meeting in March. The Group was happy with the reformatted document.



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Appendix 2 - Annual Work Programme 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 114 KB


Members noted the Queen’s Park Annual Work Programme 2019/20.


The Superintendent noted that the Annual Work Programme was the next level above the Divisional Plan and the next step would be to consolidate and clarify the document in line with the Management Framework.





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Appendix 3 - Queen's Park 2019 Events Programme pdf icon PDF 103 KB


Members considered the provisional Queen’s Park 2019 Events Programme. The Superintendent advised Members that the Events Policy 1 and 2 were fully operational and that all events went through the decision-making process based on size.




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Appendix 4 - Income and Expenditure pdf icon PDF 102 KB


Members noted the 2018/19 Income and Expenditure for Queens Park. The Superintendent advised Members that the income figures currently went up to 28 February 2019 and would be updated when the financial year finished on 31 March 2019.


Members thanked Officer for providing this information as requested at the last meeting.




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A Member raised a query from the walk requesting Officers to consider the feasibility of planting trees in front of the storage shed/barn.  

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Any Other Business That the Chairman Considers Urgent


Friends of Highgate Wood Group

The Chairman highlighted the merits of Members considering and leading on fundraising opportunities for Queen’s Park to fund projects. It was noted that residents at Tiverton Green had raised £80k to cover the costs of works in the area.  


The Chairman asked if there was any appetite locally to form a Friends of Highgate Wood Group who could raise project funds. This would have benefits such as legacies as the group would not be affiliated with the Corporation, e.g. like Heath Hands or Qpara. Members thought this idea was worth exploring.

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Dates of Next Meetings

The provisional date of the next meeting is 2 October 2019 at 3.00pm.

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Members noted that the date of their next meeting would be on 2 October 2019 at 3.00pm.

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