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Nominations Committee of the Court of Aldermen

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Information about Nominations Committee of the Court of Aldermen

The Nominations Committee of Aldermen (previously known as the Privileges Committee) is one of the Court of Aldermen’s two standing committees. The other is the General Purposes Committee of Aldermen. The Nominations Committee has oversight of the Aldermanic appraisal arrangements and is the decision-making body in respect of future progression to High Office (Shrievalty and Mayoralty), subject to the Election of Sheriffs and the Election of Lord Mayor which take place at Common Hall each year.


The Nominations Committee’s work in respect of the Court’s annual appraisal arrangements is supported by an advisory panel (the Shrieval and Mayoral Interview Panel which comprises of independent representatives drawn from the businesses within the City of London. The annual appraisal process usually takes place between February and May each year.