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Community & Children's Services Committee

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Information about Community & Children's Services Committee

This Committee is responsible for the provision of accommodation and sporting and leisure opportunities for residents of the City and those who work in the City or for the City of London. The department manages over 2,000 properties, most of them outside the City, and three sheltered schemes for elderly people, as well as running the Golden Lane Leisure Centre and offering a programme of sporting activities throughout the year. The Committee is also responsible for the full range of Social Services functions within the City. These include provision of social work, domiciliary support, occupational therapy, residential and day care for City residents and others in need. The service also includes social work support for individuals and families attending St Bartholomew's Hospital. The Committee also oversees the City's work as a local education authority. Education services include adult and community education, careers and guidance services, youth activities, out-of-school and holiday activities for children and Aldgate School.