Agenda item

Barbican Art Gallery Chiller Replacement

Report of the Managing Director.

(N.B. – To be read in conjunction with the non-public report at Item 10).


The Board considered a Gateway 2 report of the Managing Director regarding Barbican Art Gallery Chiller Replacement, noting the non-public appendix at Item 10.


Members were advised that the current unit was at the end of its life, was already failing and required replacement to reduce risk to the gallery and maintain the conditions for the artwork. The new unit would not be reliant on a district system, would be better for the carbon footprints and reduce risk and costs. Members were supportive of the new unit.


RESOLVED - That Members:


·         Approve a budget of £14,000 to reach Gateway 3/4 (staff costs, consultant fees and surveys);


·         Note the estimated cost range of £300,000 (excluding risk);


·         Approve a costed risk provision of £4,000 to be drawn down via delegation to Chief Officer.


Supporting documents: