Agenda item

Chairman's Public Update

The Chairman to be heard.


The Chairman was heard in public session and made the following points.


Police Authority Member Briefings


·         The Chairman welcomed the attendance of over 30 Members of the Court of Common Council at an online briefing on 18 June 2020 with the Commissioner on equality, diversity and inclusion in the City of London Police, and noted that a second briefing was scheduled for 26 June 2020, following which a read-out of both briefings would be issued to the Court.


Home Affairs Select Committee – MacPherson Review: 20 Years On


·         The Chairman noted that the Select Committee had announced earlier that month that its inquiry into the MacPherson Review: 20 Years On would be resumed shortly.


Operation TAMAR


·         The Chairman noted that both he and the Deputy Chairman received daily updates from the Commissioner regarding the Force’s response to COVID-19 (Op TAMAR).


City of London Police Authority Informal Workshops


·         The Chairman concluded by noting that he and the Deputy Chairman had been holding a series of informal workshops with the Deputy Chief Executive and Commissioner to discuss joint activities between the Force and Authority, such as Special Interest Areas and governance structures e.g. the format and terms of references of the Board’s committees. Members would be given full oversight of any proposed changes in due course.