Agenda item

Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk setting out the current list of outstanding actions:


Garden Waste Recycling

Members were informed that Garden Waste Recycling had been postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,Officers undertook to reconsider the way forward in January 2021 and update Members accordingly.


Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate

Officers reported that a number of LUL’s (London Underground Limited) current projects have been postponed due to the ongoing uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic and that the long-term financial package for TfL had yet to be agreed by the Government.


This would directly affect the proposed rail noise mitigations under the Barbican Estate as follows –


• The new timetable has been deferred until March 2021

which in turn has deferred the introduction of a

Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR).

• The proposed mitigation works to the Brandon Mews

points and crossing have also been put on hold until

the financial position is clearer.


An update will be provided once the financial position for TfL is confirmed, Officers hoped to be able to provide this to the Committee at their meeting in November 2020.


Historic drinking fountains and pumps

Members were advised that the historic drinking fountains and pumps could be removed from the list of outstanding actions, as they cannot be brought back into use again.



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