Agenda item

Special Interest Area Scheme 2020-21

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members considered a report of the Town Clerk regarding the Special Interest Area Scheme 2020/21 and the following points were made.


·         A Member requested that, once appointments were made, the City of London Police Authority Team prepare a note on how it was envisaged the Special Interest Area roles should operate in practice and report back to the Board.


·         A Member noted that, provided regular Special Interest Area updates were provided to the Board, an annual report would prove to be a duplication of work and could potentially  be discontinued.


RESOLVED, that Members


·         Agree the Special Interest Area Scheme 2020/21;


·         Note the achievements of the Scheme during 2019/20;


·         Appoint the following Special Interest Area Scheme Members for 2020/21:


Special Interest Area


Human Resources, Equality and Inclusion

Tijs Broeke / deputised by Deborah Oliver


Deputy James Thomson

Neighbourhood Policing

Deborah Oliver

Road Safety              

Alderman Alison Gowman

Safeguarding and Public Protection

Deputy Keith Bottomley


Andrew Lentin / deputised by Deborah Oliver


Supporting documents: