Agenda item

Update on the Independent Advisory and Scrutiny Group

Report of the Commissioner.


Members considered an update report of the Commissioner regarding the Independent Advisory and Scrutiny Group (IASG) and the following points were made.


·         The Chairman welcomed the report and noted that the reinvigorated IASG was the result of HMICFRS comments that the previous regime of a Community Scrutiny Group and an Independent Advisory Group was not an effective arrangement that was having a negative impact on Force legitimacy.  


·         The Assistant Commissioner introduced the report, noting the IASG was made up of 16 Members from a diverse range of backgrounds and ages. 7 Members were BAME and 8 Members were female. There had been good engagement between the IASG and Force GOLD groups on COVID-19 and equality and inclusion. The IASG also offered a lot of potential for improved oversight and perspective in other Force functions such as sensitive investigations, and improved oversight of the use of body work video.


·         In response to a question, the Assistant Commissioner confirmed IASG meetings were well attended, and the terms of reference and minutes of the group could be provided outside of the meeting.


·         The Chairman noted that he would welcome the opportunity for himself, the Deputy Chairman and Special Interest Area Lead Members to attend meetings of the IASG. Similarly, IASG Members were welcome to attend public sessions of the City of London Police Authority Board. The Chairman noted he would welcome future reporting to the Board on outcomes from the work of the IASG, so that they could be tracked. Lastly, the Chairman commented that the IASG would be a good forum to test proposed changes within the Force, such as its Target Operating Model.


·         The Chairman concluded the item by suggesting that dip sampling of body worn video would be a good topic for review by the Professional Standards and Integrity Committee.


RESOLVED, that the report be received.




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