Agenda item


To elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 30.


The Committee proceeded to elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 30. 


A list of Members who had expressed an interest in and were eligible to stand was read by the Town Clerk.


Both Randall Anderson and Oliver Sells, QC declared a willingness to serve and the Town Clerk reported that a ballot was therefore necessary. Members were asked to vote electronically either by following the Microsoft Forms link sent to them via email or by indicting the name of the one candidate they wished to vote for via email to the Town Clerk.


Votes were cast as follows:                Randall Anderson                           7 votes

                                                            Oliver Sells, QC                              20 votes

                                                            There was 1 spoilt ballot.                                           


Oliver Sells, QC was therefore duly elected Deputy Chairman for the ensuing year.


Mr Sells thanked the Committee for their confidence and stressed that this Committee and the City generally were about to embark on a very significant and difficult period. He echoed the words of the Chair in stating that he was of the view that collaboration and co-operation would be key as would the work of this Committee’s two Sub Committees.


Finally, Mr Sells also echoed the Chair’s thanks to the outgoing Deputy Chair, Sheriff Christopher Hayward, who had been a very important source of support and advice. He stated that he very much looked forward to working alongside the Chair and the rest of the Committee for the ensuing year.