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To receive the draft public minutes and summary of the Sub-Committee meeting held virtually on 7 July  2020.



The Committee received the draft public minutes of the Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee meeting held virtually on 7 July 2020.


A Member questioned if Frederick’s Place was a public highway or a private road. Officers reported that it was public highway.


Another Member commented in relation to the use of mobility scooters and questioned whether, as well as looking at the widening of pavements, the provision of drop kerbs could also be considered as she had received representations from more than one member of the public that this was an issue. Officers responded by stating that they were aware that there some locations in the City where there were not drop kerbs in place where these would be desirable and also that there were some existing drop kerbs that were not functioning as they should do. He asked that Members report issues with any particular locations as they were made aware of them. More strategically, Members were informed that the City’s Streets Accessibility Standard was soon set to be finalised and one of the actions arising from this would be an audit of City Streets so that Officers were able to flag issues such as this and develop a programme to address them. One option would be to consider the raising of the carriageway in certain locations as an alternative to installing drop kerbs. Officers went on to report that they were interacting with the City of London Access Group and Transport for All amongst others on these issues.



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