Agenda item

Superintendent Updates (oral report)

The Superintendents to be heard.



The Committee heard oral updates from the Markets Superintendents on the matters set out below


New Spitalfields

Trade - Vehicle numbers had increased by 2.5% for June to August 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. This reflected an increase of 8.5% compared to March to May 2021. More people were visiting the market which was especially busy on Thursdays, Fridays, and before and after bank holidays.


Brexit - There was no significant impact to date.  However, a few traders were experiencing a 1-2 day delay in receiving deliveries.  An average of 3,500 HGV deliveries were made each month between April and August 2021 which was an increase of 16% compared to deliveries for the previous 5 months.  Officers flagged that despite the increase in HGV deliveries, the shortage of HGV drivers was a risk to trade.


COVID-19 - Signage was being updated recommending the continued wearing of face coverings and social distancing.


Rental of empty catering units - There was a list of prospective tenants and an update from the agents was awaited.


Climate action policy -The forthcoming Markets Committee tour on 22 September 2021 would incorporate a visit to the waste compound and City Harvest so Members could see the positive work done in terms of no landfill waste and diverting food waste.



Trade – Trade continued to recover but some traders were not able to recruit staff.


Protests - Climate Change protests had taken place with minimal impact on traders and emergency plans and risk assessments had been refreshed as necessary.


Food Business Audit – The Biennial food business had taken place and the market had been ranked as good which was the highest possible rating.


HGV Audit – the recent audit had been positive and there had been a marked improvement in compliance.



Markets Co location Programme – On the whole, traders were positive about the programme.  Concerns remained in respect of repairs and maintenance in the interim.


Income generation - Car park income was lower than expected but this had compensated in part by income from filming which was higher than anticipated


Overseas visit – A visit was hosted for delegates from Iceland.


RESOLVED – That the updates be noted.