Agenda item

Wholesale Markets Risks Update

Report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection.


The Committee considered a report of the Markets Director providing assurances that satisfactory risk management procedures are in place which meet the requirements of the corporate Risk Management Framework.


The Chairman suggested that business as usual risks were removed from future reports so that the Committee could focus on any risks reported on an exception basis or instances where risk ratings had changed significantly.


Members were concerned that hygiene risks were not reflected in the report and also Climate Action Strategy targets were not included.  In response, Officers stated that hygiene managements arrangements varied across markets and there was work to do to achieve full compliance.  Officers were happy to prepare a report on hygiene risks across all three markets for a future meeting.




  1. That the report be noted.

  2. That full risk updates be provided twice yearly and at other times, risk reporting should be on an exception basis/where risk ratings had changed significantly.

  3. That Officers present a report on hygiene risks across all three markets to a future meeting.

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