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Department of the Built Environment Risk Management - Periodic Report

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment on the Department of the Built Environment Risk Management – Periodic Report.


The Chairman introduced the report to Members and drew the attention of Members to the drivers check risk and the reasons behind the Department of the Built Environment Risk Management – Periodic Report being on the Committees agenda is because the City Transport Policy is administered by the Cleansing Transport Team. This in turn came about because they manage the (now much diminished) fleet of refuse collection vehicles and therefore at least one member of that team is required to hold the Transport Operators Licence which covers all Large Goods Vehicles operated by the City. The Cleansing Transport Team are therefore the corporate subject matter experts.


The Assistant Director - Cleansing Operations and Street Environment updated the Committee that this is one of the Health and Safety team’s policies, however the expertise remains with the Department of the Built Environment’s Cleansing team who in turn provide the expert advice, information and manage compliance for the Corporate Health Team.


The report author highlighted the COVID-19 risks as it is important that the service level risks are sighted by the Committee.


The report author noted that a report from the Committee went to the Establishment Committee in January 2020 with reference to the lack of a single point record containing a database of all the employees and volunteers for the City of London. He asked if the Committee wishes to take the request back to the Establishment Committee on the same subject.


A Member commented that there is a need to address the red risks, as the City does not want to discourage volunteering activities. The Committee was unequivocal on this and expected progress, action and a timed plan to mitigate the risk. It was agreed that Officers are to agree a reference to the Establishment Committee with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of this Committee. 


RESOLVED – that Members noted the report and the actions taken in the Department of the Built Environment to monitor and manage effectively risks arising from the department’s operations and that a note be sent to the Establishment Committee regarding driver checks.


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