Agenda item

Outstanding Actions

Members are asked to note the outstanding actions.


Members received the outstanding actions list.


The following items were marked as completed:

-       21 January 2020 Item 4: CGP and CGU Updates and Next Steps

-       21 January 2020 Item 4: Community Infrastructure Levy and Neighbourhood Fund Report

-       12 November 2019 Item 5: Annual Report for Resource Allocation Sub-Committee be brought to Finance Grants Oversight and Performance Sub-Committee prior to submission to RASC.


It was further noted that the matter relating to Open Spaces (21 January 2020 Item 12) was being considered by responsible officers in the Open Spaces Department, although it was important to note that there were some legal limitations relating to the proposal including that some of the Open Spaces in the City of London were not owned by the City Corporation, and there were restrictions on advertising and display of sponsorship in the City of London. The Sub-Committee would receive a further update at a later date.


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