Agenda item

Volunteering update

Oral update from Heath Hands.


The Committee noted a report from Heath Hands providing Members with the volunteering highlights since volunteer programmes began a phased reintroduction from mid-June.


Members were advised that it had been a successful year despite the impact of Covid-19 and £30k was raised for Heath Hands services. Significant interest from volunteers had been received but the reduced groups in light of Government guidelines meant that, for now, new volunteers could not be taken on.  


The Chair gave thanks to all Heath Hands volunteers for their continued hard work and support.


A Member (London Council for Recreation and Sport) questioned why more volunteers could not be taken on to work in more groups of six across sites as this was great for people’s health and wellbeing. Member were advised that projects were slowing being reintroduced and it was hoped more volunteers could be brought in over time.






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