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The Committee received a Resolution of the Port Health & Environmental Services Committee.


The Chairman of the Port Health & Environmental Services Committee (PHSE), who also serves as a Member of the Establishment Committee, explained that this was the second time that PHES had raised this issue with the Establishment Committee, and it appeared that no progress had been made in terms of ensuring that information concerning driving qualifications and accreditations for the Corporation’s volunteers had been stored on a reliable, integrated database.


The Director of Human Resources confirmed that, whilst progress had been made in capturing data on the driving qualifications and accreditations of paid employees of the Corporation, work was needed to ensure that volunteers’ data was also captured, she was confident that the Target Operating Model would offer an opportunity to deliver a more joined up set of records (i.e. between those of paid employees and volunteers) and, once the TOM consultation was launched, would be able to provide a timescale to the Chairman of PHES on when an integrated record system could be operational.


More broadly, Members noted that a funding bid had been made by HR for a new enhanced IT system that would fully integrate all staff (paid or voluntary) in one place. Officers would ensure that driving qualifications and accreditations would be included in the spec.


RESOLVED – that the Committee noted the Resolution and asked the Director of Human Resources to update the Chairman of Port Health and Environmental Services Committee on timescales, as outlined above, before the next meeting of that Committee on 24th November 2020.




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