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Neaman Practice Appointments

Neaman Practice Manager to be heard.


The Committee received the verbal update on the Neaman Practice appointments from the Neaman Practice Manager.


The Chairman agreed that items 12 and 15 be taken together.


The Neaman Practice Manager informed the Committee that during COVID-19, the Neaman Practice continued to remain open and provide its services to the vulnerable patients. It continues to do so by ensuring that all the safety protocols are met. Neaman Practice continues to open up more and more of its services, such as the stop smoking campaign, substance misuse programme, podiatry services, and family action services. The Social Prescriber's services, which were halted in the past, is also slowly resuming its services. The Centre continues to be available to its patients either online or via its telephone services. The website allows patients from 5 am every day to book appointments in advance.


A Member raised concerns that some patients may not be able to go online and register for an appointment. The Practice Manager reassured the Committee, some appointments are kept in reserve to allow patients to call in at 8 am to book in appointments.   The Neaman Practice Manager also reminded the Committee that the Neaman Practice is also providing a service to 111 services. The emergency services can refer patients to the Neaman Practice for consultation who are not a registered patient of Neaman Practice.


The Neaman Practice continues to liaise with its housebound patients and ensuring that they are being seen to. Some of the housebound patients have also received their winter flu, and the service will continue to be provided to other patients. In terms of the patient’s access, at the beginning of April 2020 the Neaman Practice was at 28.9%, and the Practice continues to advertise the app, which will allow patients to access their medical records, at present, it is at 29.5% with a target of achieving 30% by December 2020, which will enable the patients to have greater control over the records and how they can access the Practice.


In terms of the IT systems, the Neaman Practice had its telephone line out of order, with slower internet speed, and as a result of the issues, the Practice is looking to upgrade to Window10 as well as add a new software called  PatientsPartner, which will allow patients to book appointment 24/7, the PatientsPartner will make it easier to book appointments without having to speak to a receptionist.  


A Member asked that some of the receptionists are new and the reasons behind the recruitment. The Neaman Practice Manager reassured the Member the receptionist have not gone anywhere, but due to COVID-19, some of the staff are shielding, and a few had to go on leave, and as a result, temporary staff had been drafted in to provide additional support. This may result in communication error, as temporary agencies change staff at the last minutes, but the Neaman Practice is trying its best to ensure that they are communicating effectively with their patients.


The Chairman noted from the report that that “the City of London has a single GP practice – the Neaman Practice. Patients registered at the Neaman have one of the lowest rates of diabetes within the City and Hackney practices. However, the higher rates of diabetes in neighboring Hackney may skew local estimates of diabetes”. The Chairman asked about clarity on the point.   The Neaman Practice Manager noted that the City of London has a low level of deprivation as well as the residents being able to make educated decisions and take heeds of early intervention and make lifestyle changes to bring about positive changes. 


The Neaman Practice Manager informed the Committee this would be her last meeting as she is moving on from the Neaman Practice. The Chairman thanked the Neaman Practice Manager for all her services to the Committee


RESOLVED – that, the verbal update be received.


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