Agenda item

Recovery Task Force: Placemaking for a world-leading Square Mile

Report of the Director of Innovation & Growth.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Innovation & Growth report which provided an overview of the proposed Recovery Task Force.


Members welcomed the report and observed the importance of the activity being commissioned. During discussion, the following points arose:

·           It was observed that there would be key areas of activity related to this piece of work across the organisation, with the City Police’s consideration of the future of policing provided as a specific example. It was urged that efforts be made to bring together various Chairs and Chief Officers to feed into this work in a structured way, utilising diversity of thinking to inform recommendations.

·           A Member made reference to the management of the Climate Action workstream and suggested that it could be a useful blueprint in respect of the principles on how this piece of work might be approached.

·           The importance of the Taskforce being external, as well as internal-facing, was stressed, given the Corporation’s strong links with London boroughs and the crucial services it provided outside of the City boundaries.

The Director thanked Members for their comments, reassuring the Committee that officers understood the need for speed and inclusivity in this area, as well as working cohesively across departments and with other partners, such as  Central London Forward and the Greater London Authority.


RESOLVED: That Members:-

1.     Approve the project start up and next steps, as outlined in the report.

2.     Approve funding of £100,000 for the Recovery Task Force, to be met from the 2020/21 Policy Initiative Fund, categorised as ‘Promoting the City’ and charged to City’s Cash.


Supporting documents: