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Superintendent's Update

Report of the Superintendent of Epping Forest.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Open Spaces which provided a summary of the Epping Forest Division’s activities across August to September 2020.


A Member commented on the contribution of volunteers and requested that, as the Volunteers Reception could not be held at Guildhall in 2020, an appropriate recognition of their contribution be arranged. The Director of Open Spaces noted that the Volunteers Reception was an event arranged by the Chief Commoner and that he would be in contact with the Chief Commoner’s Office to discuss a suitable alternative event. The Deputy Chairman confirmed that discussion had taken place between himself, the Chairman and the Director of Open Spaces on how best to recognise key staff and volunteers. 


A Committee member requested an update on the deer collisions figures within Epping Forrest and on the issue of land registration. The Director of Open Spaces explained that the deer collisions figures would need to be looked into outside of the meeting to obtain an accurate figure and that a report on the land registration was due to be considered by the Committee in 2021.


The Deputy Chairman asked for further information on the fly tipping reduction. The Director of Open Spaces confirmed that the fly tipping reduction polices, including the legal prosecutions which had been undertaken were clearly having an effect on fly tipping numbers.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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