Agenda item

Night-time Gating proposals for Manor Road, High Beach (SEF 26/20b)

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces on the Night-time Gating proposals for amenity purposes at Manor Road, High Beach. The Director of Open Spaces introduced the report by explaining that the night-time gating was being introduced to manage anti-social behaviour in Epping Forest.


Responding to a query from a member of the Committee the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that the any closure to local highways would be completed with the requirements of specific highway orders. 


It was confirmed by the Director of Open Spaces that extensive public consultation would be undertaken, if possible, before the implementation of the night-time gating.


It was questioned if the reasoning for the closure of public highways was suitable robust. The Director of Open Spaces explained that a thorough reasoning had been provided by the local community partnership. In addition, it was explained that the Comptroller and City Solicitor had been consulted on the details of the report, confirming the legality of the requested decisions.



  1. The Committee agree to support the commencement of public consultation by the traffic authority prior to any works on options for addressing the Anti-Social Behaviour issues at Queens Green and Pillow Mounds car parks described in the report, including the night-time closure of Manor Road, between the junctions with Wellington Hill and Paul’s Nursery Road, to reduce levels of Anti-Social Behaviour; and
  2. It be agreed for public consultation to support scheme delegate authority to the Town Clerk, Chairman and Deputy Chairman to implement the scheme and enter into a formal agreement with Essex County Council as the traffic authority for the daily opening and closing of the road control gating.


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