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Corporate Risk Management Strategy

Report of the Chamberlain.

(N.B. – To be read in conjunction with the non-public appendices at Item _)


Members received a report of the Chamberlain relative to a Corporate Risk Management Update (noting that this was an update report rather than a strategy report). The Corporate Risk Strategy would be provided in May once the implications of the Target Operating Model (TOM) were clear.

 The following risk factors were highlighted:

-       COVID-19: a new variant of the virus had emerged in the UK, and the UK had moved to a new national lockdown;

-       Brexit: The UK had officially left the EU; a new trade agreement was established since the report was published and therefore the risk register would be reviewed to reflect potential risks and opportunities.


Members noted the ongoing confusion regarding what target dates represent and therefore suggested that it would be useful to note if the target date represented the date to achieve a target risk score, or a date to review the risk.


RESOLVED, that – the report be received and its contents noted.

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