Agenda item

Outstanding Actions

To note the sub-committees list of outstanding actions.


Members received the Sub-Committee’s list of outstanding actions. The following points were noted:

-       Terms of Reference: Members were informed prior to the meeting that the term ‘Performance’ in the Sub-Committee’s title referred to the Sub-Committee’s responsibility to oversee the performance of the Central Grants Unit and the Central Grants Programme in administering grants across the various programmes (not the performance of the grants themselves, which was the responsibility of the committees that approve the grants);

-       CGU Update on the databases:  The CGU shares the same grant-making database with City Bridge Trust (CBT) which requires a licence to use the software.  Blackbaud GrantMaking (BBGM) is a market leader in grant management software.  The procurement for this database system took place in 2018/19 in accordance with City of London procurement processes. An individual licence for the database costs £1500 annually which comes with wrap around technical support. Since the meeting in November, the CGU has rationalised its database needs and reduced the amount of licences required across the team to 2 at a cost of £3000.

-       Benefits in Kind update regarding Mansion House and Central Criminal Court: work had been done since the last meeting with Mansion House, Central Criminal Court and City of London Schools regarding completing thorough reports and the importance of providing this data. They were also asked to provide nil returns where applicable to assess the impact of the pandemic on the Benefits in Kind reporting.

Supporting documents: