Agenda item

West Smithfield Area Public Realm and Transportation Project

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment concerning the public realm and transportation project for the West Smithfield area. The Chairman introduced the item and advised that there had been two recent Member engagement sessions on the project.


A Member commented that whilst they supported the scheme, they had reservations on aspects of the recommended decisions, including the delegation of funding and endorsement of the attached RIBA Stage 2 draft Concept Design and vision statement, which were now out of date. The Member also suggested adding a timeline for design development of Area 2. The Sub Committee noted that there were a number of unknowns which limited the ability to impose a timeline, but that 2022 had been given as an indicative timescale. The Director of the Built Environment advised that the RIBA Stage 2 draft Concept Design was a guide for the future and was not a commitment to detail at this stage but would inform understanding of support for the project.


RESOLVED – That the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee:


  1. Endorse the attached RIBA Stage 2 draft Concept Design and vision statement for the West Smithfield area;


  1. Agree to progress the Developed Design (to RIBA Stage 3) for Area 1, engagement and supporting work as set out in the report;


  1. Agree to further develop Options 1-3 presented in this report, associated with transport and public realm changes in Area 1, for Member decision on a preferred option at Gateway 4;


  1. Agree that the Museum of London S278 works be incorporated into the design and delivery of Area 1;


  1. Agree that additional budget of £565,014 is approved to reach the next Gateway;


  1. Agree that £134,986 underspent from the current budget allocation is carried forward to be used on this next stage of the project;


  1. Note that a report to initiate a developed design for Area 2 will be brought to Committee once greater certainty is available on uses and timing of the redevelopment of the Central Markets buildings;


  1. Note the revised project budget of £1,280,014 (excluding risk); and


  1. Note the total estimated cost of the project at £12m (excluding risk).

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