Agenda item

Review and Prioritisation of Ring-fenced S106 Deposits

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment seeking approval for a further allocation of ring-fenced S106 funds, consistent with previous Member approvals and corporate priorities. The Director of the Built Environment introduced the report, gave Members an overview of the review so far and drew attention to the key points.


The Sub Committee then discussed the report, noting the complexities of allocating these funds and the impact of new priorities such as the Climate Action Strategy, and requesting further detail on unspent funds. The Director of the Built Environment advised that there were between £2 and £4 million in unspent S106 deposits, with some allocated and some the subject of negotiation with developers. Spends were often restricted according to geographic area or purpose, but officers had tried to reallocate funds where there was flexibility. Further reporting would be brought to Committee regarding unallocated funding.


RESOLVED – That the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee:


i.           Authorise the allocation of £1.48M in ring-fenced S106 funding outlined in the report; and


ii.         Note that a further report is planned in 2021 with information on the remaining unallocated S106 deposits.

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