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Draft City Surveyor's Business Plan 2021/22

Report of the City Surveyor.


The Board considered a report of the City Surveyor on the Draft City Surveyor’s Business Plan for 2021/22. The City Surveyor highlighted the aim of the Plan and noted that the Target Operation Model (TOM) had not been incorporated as its effects had not been fully established.


The Board discussed the Climate Action Strategy noting the importance of resource allocation, organisation into deliverable targets and governance to the successful realisation of the Strategy’s aspirations. The City Surveyor explained that the Department was actively planning the implementation of the Strategy and that it had been allocated funds within the £68M budget. A Member commented that a report updating the Board on the Climate Action policy should be produced for the next meeting.


A Board member raised the subject of staff wellbeing for the City Surveyor’s Department with the projected return of staff to the Guildhall. The Chair of the Establishment Committee explained that the return of staff to the Guildhall was a key topic of discussion for the Committee which would be explored fully with the City of London Corporation’s Human Resources Director.


Responding to a Member’s query on the possibility of the City of London Corporation managing serviced offices directly the City Surveyor explained that this would be a challenging undertaking and that an update on this would be provided to the next Board meeting.


It was confirmed, in response to Board member’s query, that the Digital Services Sub-Committee would be the appropriate venue for consideration of digital infrastructure.


 RESOLVED- That: -

  1. The factors taken into consideration in compiling the City Surveyor’s Business Plan be noted; and
  2. That subject to the incorporation of any changes sought by both Property Investment Board and Corporate Asset Sub (Finance) Committee, the departmental Business Plan for the City Surveyor’s Department for 2021/22 (or the elements therein that fall within this committee’s Terms of Reference) be approved.


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