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Bridge House Estates, Colechurch House, SE1 – Proposed Removal of the Elevated Walkway

Report of the City Surveyor.


The Board considered a report of the City Surveyor on the Proposed Removal of the Elevated Footway at Colechurch House. The City Surveyor introduced the report highlighting the obligation to commence the statutory consultation on the removal of the walkway. Responding to a query from a Member the City Surveyor explained that Member approval was required to begin the statutory consultation.


A member of the Board questioned if the removal of the walkway would have any material effect on the value of the building or the future rental projection. The City Surveyor clarified that there was no material effect to the value of the building and that the developer had an established alterative option if planning permission is not achieved.


Members raised the possibility of a study by the developer on the loss of the walkway to the value of the building. However, the Comptroller and City Solicitor explained that, contractually, the agreement did not allow the City of London Corporation freedom to vary its terms to accommodate the outcome of the statutory consultation. A Member commented that the agreement would not cost the City of London Corporation money and, therefore, it should be agreed to not delay the project.



  1. Authority be delegated to the City Surveyor to carry out the statutory consultation in accordance with section 32(3A) of the City of London (Various Powers) Act 1963 (as amended) with Network Rail, Transport for London and the London Borough of Southwark with regards to the proposed demolition of the elevated footway at Colechurch House; and
  2. That authority be delegated to the City Surveyor in consultation with the Chairs of the Planning and Transportation Committee and Property Investment Board to review the responses to the consultation subject to reporting back to Committee in the event of any unresolved objections or issues; and
  3. It be agreed that subject to there being (i) no unresolved objections or issues in response to the statutory consultation (ii) .planning permission being granted for the redevelopment of Colechurch House and removal of the elevated footway and (iii) the developer obtaining all consents necessary for the demolition of the elevated footway, to delegate authority to the City Surveyor to take all necessary steps (including the entering into of any necessary agreements) to enable the stopping up and demolition of the elevated footway to be carried out.


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