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Management Report by the Centre's Directors

Report of the Managing Director.


Members received a report of the Managing Director providing updates from the Barbican Directors on their respective areas. The following comments were made:


·         The Managing Director confirmed the Centre was again closed to the public for the third national lockdown and streamed content would continue online. There had been significant activity up until the point of closure achieving a public confidence score of 97/8% and work would continue operationally behind the scenes. It was acknowledged that this had been the most difficult period for the Centre as staff continued to do more for less, and momentum and morale was low under the current restrictions.


·         There has been considerable activity online for Creative Learning through schools, teacher training, young creatives, podcasts, etc.  


·         Members were encouraged to attend the Digital Products meetings that are taking place fortnightly.


·         A new Creative Alliance Working Group has been established to provide a forum for planning and progressing Barbican Guildhall bridging projects.


·         With regards to operations and buildings, the Team were making the most of unrestricted access to the Barbican and Guildhall School to maintain and enhance assets.


·         It was noted that staff were being furloughed where possible across all Departments.


·         Regarding Development, it was highlighted that recommendations and introductions were invaluable in terms of potential charitable donations or partnerships and Members were encouraged to liaise with the Director of Development regarding possible connections.


·         Members voiced their support for all staff who continued to work extremely hard in difficult times, pulling through and working to build back better. It was noted that the Centre was appreciative of the support from the City Corporation.


·         A Member felt that there was an opportunity to promote the Barbican’s event spaces to businesses now looking to downsize and recommended approaching these companies.


·         Members were impressed by the support the Barbican was giving to the young and teachers during lockdown through its Creative Learning work, its civic work supporting community mental and physical health, and the ticketing staff who were refunding the public for events that were no longer able to go ahead. The Chair echoed support noting the huge amount of work going on behind the scenes.


RESOLVED – That Members endorse Management’s approach to the future activities of the Centre.


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