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CWP 21/22 Updated Bid Report

Report of the City Surveyor.


The Committee received a report of the City Surveyor on the Cyclical Works Program (CWP) 21/22 Updated Bid Report. The report set out the details of projects which be undertaken in 2021/22 and details of the projects that will be delivered within that year which form part of the previous year’s programmes. The City Surveyor explained that a new approach was scheduled for 2022/23.


Responding to the Chairman’s query the City Surveyor explained that bids under ten thousand pounds would be automatically approved to allow these smaller historic bids to be approved efficiently.


The Chairman commented that a greater analysis of when the delayed works on the CWP would be actioned should be included. The Deputy Chairman added that details of whether the underlying issues had been resolved should be added also. The Committee discussed the need to include the delayed projects on the Risk Register going forward.


Responding to a question the City Surveyor confirmed that the figures for the works in the CWP were estimates not fixed with any underspend going into the CWP emergency budget.


RESOLVED- That the Committee noted the report.


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