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Gateway 5 - Baynard House Car Park - Ventilation & Smoke Clearance System

Report of the Director of the Built Environment and the City Surveyor


The Sub Committee considered a Gateway 5 report of the Director of the Built Environment and the City Surveyor concerning the ventilation system for Baynard House Car Park. The Sub Committee noted some minor clerical errors on the risk register and clarified that the amount requested for Costed Risk Provision was correct.


RESOLVED – That the Projects Sub Committee:


1.    Approve the total project sum of £640,777 including fees, surveys, staff costs, and preconstruction activities already expended;


2.    Note that funding for this scheme from the On-Street Parking Reserve was approved in principle as part of the 2020/21 annual capital bid round and that draw-down is subject to the further approval of the Resource Allocation Sub and Policy and Resources Committees;


3.    Agree that the tender received from the SW Bruce Ltd in the sum of £598,777 is approved and they are appointed to undertake the work;


4.    That the Comptroller and City Solicitor enter into a contract with SW Bruce Ltd; and


5.      That the risk budget of £65,000 to cover design developments and asbestos, is approved (to be drawn down via delegation to Chief Officer).

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