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Superintendent's Update Report

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath (copy attached)


A report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath providing an update on management and enhancement matters that had taken place in Queen’s Park since the last meeting in June 2012 was considered. During the discussion, the following was noted:


Events and activities in the Park - busy summer with over 870,000 visitors.


Sports and Recreation – Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club held a summer camp with a very low turnout but they were still keen to continue to use the Park in the future.


Sports Day – over 900 children attended over various days.


Lexi Cinema – over 1000 attendees at each film, all events were very popular with people and that for next year it has been proposed to hold 4 events.


Tennis Courts – In response to a query, the Superintendent advised that he would talk with the Tennis Coach about the amount of use he makes of the Courts that he has booked during the summer holidays.  The Superintendent stated that he would report back to the next meeting of the Group on the outcome.


Landscape Management – The Queen’s Park Manager advised that a tree contractor would be starting work today on identified works to 30 trees in the Park.


Visitors and Community – The Queen’s Park Manager advised that the Roadshow events had not taken place this summer and that they were hoping to hold sometime in 2013.




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