Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the committee


Links to recordings of meetings

A Member questioned whether it would be possible to include links to meeting recordings in the minutes of future meetings. The Town Clerk undertook to discuss this proposal with the wider Committee and Member Services Team to see if this could be easily implemented and report back.


Consultation on City Plan 2036

A Member noted that the City Plan 2036 page on the public webpages stated that public consultation on the document had been delayed due to the change in Use Classes Orders but that this would commence in January 2021. He noted that this had not yet happened and questioned what the revised timetable for this was. Officers reported that they were now hoping to commence public consultation on the Plan in March 2021 as it had taken longer than anticipated to collate all of the necessary statutory documentation. It was reported that all members of the Court would be informed once the consultation was live.


YouTube links for meetings

A Member questioned whether the link to view these meetings live on YouTube could be placed on the front page of each meeting rather than solely on the PDF document which some found difficult to locate. The Town Clerk undertook to take this matter forward with colleagues in IT and seek to implement as soon as possible.