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Head's Report

Report of the Head.


Governors received a report of the Head regarding general School matters.


An update was provided on COVID-19 testing since the reopening of the School to all pupils on the 8 March 2021. A total of 862 lateral flow tests had been issued; of those 859 were negative, and 3 were void. There were no positive tests. There had been a 97.3% consent rate for testing and it was explained that the remaining 2.7% consisted of individuals who had previously tested positive for COVID-19, were still within the 90-day window in which a positive result may still be given and therefore advised not to take a test.


Old Grammar fell outside the scope for testing but advice on how to obtain at-home testing kits had been provided to parents.


Staff were being tested twice weekly, there had been no positive tests. Staff were also provided information on how to obtain testing kits for their household.


Some Governors had been involved in the revision of the School’s COVID-19 risk assessment. This was circulated to the Board for information by email before the School re-opened.


Governors thanked the staff at the School for the logistical feat of successfully arranging and managing the testing programme for pupils and staff. It was recognised that the exercise had been a stress and strain on staff.


RESOLVED, that the report be noted.


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