Agenda item

Terms of Reference

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk on the Epping Forest and Commons Committee’s Terms of Reference.


It was noted by a Committee member that the streaming of meetings online was a useful adjustment to the work of the Committee, allowing more members of the public to view the meeting and suggested that this be continued when the Committee is able to meet in person. The Chairman and Town Clerk confirmed that the future policy on this point was yet to be confirmed and all appropriate opportunities would be explored.


In response to a comment from a member of the Committee the Chairman agreed that the lengthy agenda was not optimal for the governance of the Committee but confirmed that all of the reports had been thoroughly assessed by all members of the Committee.



  1. The terms of reference of the Epping Forest and Commons Committee be approved for submission to the Court of Common Council in April, and that any further changes required in the lead up to the Court’s appointment of Committees be delegated to the Town Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman; and
  2. That Members did not consider any change be required to the frequency of the Committee’s meetings.


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