Agenda item

Deer Management Strategy (SEF 07/21b)

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces on the Deer Management Strategy. The Chairman highlighted that the Strategy had been established to resolve the issue of large numbers of deer in Epping Forest which unfortunately were not successfully limited through natural methods. The Deputy Chairman stressed that this was not to demonise the deer, but to highlight that without effective management the deer population would be adversely effected by the large number in an area of limited resources.


The Committee noted the importance of adopting best practice in regard to the management of the Epping Forest deer population ensuring safe and human deer culling. In addition, it was noted that a regular review of the Strategy would be undertaken by Officers and reported annually to the Epping Forest and Commons Committee. In response to a Member’s query the Director of Open Spaces confirmed to the Committee that all Officers would action the Deer Strategy in accordance with national best practice and that the use of body worn cameras would be considered accordingly.


Following the expression of concern by a Member the Director of Open Spaces clarified that the full report on Deer Strategy provided detailed information on the exploration of alternative approaches, the Member reporting mechanism and the requirement to reach a decision promptly to allow for effective future planning. The Chairman added that an extensive analysis had been undertaken on this policy and that future review would be a key element of the implementation Deer Strategy.


RESOLVED- The Committee approved Option 1 for implementation including the management by Epping Forest Charity staff of all deer.


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