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Epping Forest District Local Plan: SAC Mitigation progress (SEF 14/21)

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


To follow.


The Committee considered a late report of the Director of Open Spaces on the Epping Forest District Council SAC Mitigation progress.


A member of the Committee commented that the creation of an APMS Stakeholder Working Group was a useful addition to the project and suggested that a public facing mission statement be provided in order that Committee members can be properly informed. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman agreed with this suggestion and requested that an approval timeline be added to this public facing document for ease of reference.



  1. Authority be delegated to the Town Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, to complete a response to the proposed Green & Blue Infrastructure Strategy amendments discussed with Council officers, reiterating the concerns on SANGS capacity and quality and on SAMMS contributions from masterplan sites; and
  2. That the Committee approved in principle’ the acceptance of any invitation by Epping Forest District Council for membership of the APMS Stakeholder Working Group, with the provisos listed in the report; and
  3. The Comptroller & City Solicitor be instructed to review the terms of reference, and other membership rules, in relation to the APMS Stakeholder Working Group and to make recommendations in a further report to your Committee for decision; and
  4. The reiteration of objections, by your officers, to the Next plc development in line with the proposals set out in the report be approved.


Supporting documents: