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Public Lift Report

Report of the City Surveyor.


The Committee received a public lift report of the City Surveyor for the period 20/02/2021 – 12/03/2021.


A Member raised a question relating to the Millennium Inclinator stating that he could recall from prior service on this Committee that a lot of money had been spent, firstly on repairing the old Millennium Inclinator and secondly on installing a new Inclinator in time for the 2012 Olympics. He noted from this report that the Inclinator seemed to only be operational for 90% of the time and questioned when this matter would finally be resolved. Officers recognised that there were ongoing issues with the Inclinator and that this would eventually be replaced with a normal, vertical lift as part of the Millennium House development. It was expected that this would happen at some stage this year and discussions were ongoing with the developer around this.


Another Member raised a question relating to the escalator on London Wall noting that the public seemed to vandalise this by turning it off and asked if Officers had any proposed solutions to this problem. Officers clarified that it was an emergency stop button that was being activated and that this had to be readily accessible should there be a problem on the escalator. However, they undertook to look again at this and see if a workable solution could be found. The Member questioned whether a camera could be installed here to deter any future vandalism. Officers undertook to look at this and the remote monitoring of the site.


Another Member commented that emergency stop buttons were in place in lots of locations and that there were very hefty fines attached to activating some of these in non-emergency situations. He questioned whether the City had any powers to fine those who used the buttons improperly. Officers undertook to investigate this further and report back.


RESOLVED - That Members note the report.




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