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Markets Committee Review of Terms of Reference and Frequency of Meetings

Report of the Town Clerk


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk reviewing the Committee’s terms of reference and frequency of meetings.


Members were content with the proposed frequency of meetings but some felt that the terms of reference should be revised to reflect the Committee’s invaluable input into proposals for the co-located markets at the new Dagenham Dock site to facilitate the Committee’s general oversight of the design and management elements of the new consolidated market.


In response to a question, a Member advised that para(c) below would be updated to reflect the changes to the departmental staffing structures.


The Chairman expressed reservations about recommending such a revision to Markets Committee’s terms of reference and a Member urged the Committee not to propose a change to the terms of reference as it was clear that that the Policy & Resources Committee was responsible for all aspects of the Markets Co-location Programme and once delivered, the Markets Committee would have operational oversight of the new co-located markets.  It was also highlighted that the changes to job titles would be reflected in the terms of reference once roles were appointed to under the new Target Operating Model.


Given that most Committee Members were in favour of recommending a change to the terms of reference facilitate the Committee’s general oversight of the design and management elements of the new consolidated market, it was




1.         That that, subject to any comments, the terms of reference of the Committee be approved for submission to the Court of Common Council, as set out at the Appendix to the report, and that any further changes required in the lead up to the Court’s appointment of Committees be delegated to the Town Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman.  (Subsequent to the meeting, the final wording as set out below was agreed with additional text in italics)


Terms of Reference


To be responsible for:-



oversight of the management of all matters relating to Smithfield Market, Billingsgate Market and New Spitalfields Market and the letting of all premises therein;


conveying the Committee’s views to the Policy & Resources Committee on the design and management elements of the new consolidated market at Dagenham Dock, whilst accepting that that the responsibility and oversight of the development of the co-located markets rests  with the Policy & Resources Committee;


the appointment of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection (acting jointly with the Port Health and Environmental Services and Licensing Committees).


2.         That Members agree that the frequency of meetings per annum remain at six meetings per year, arranged in consultation with the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection, in order for meetings to align with the anticipated work programme for the year.


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